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Adelaide Roller Door Repairs and Replacement is a leading industrial & commercial Roller Shutter manufacturer in Adelaide. We are a locally owned and operated business with over 25 years of industry experience. We believe in providing the highest quality industrial roller door solutions for our customers, so they can benefit from reduced downtime, longer lifespan and low cost of ownership.

The Roller Doors manufactured by Adelaide Roller Door Repairs and Replacement are designed to suit all industrial and commercial applications.  We specialize in the manufacture, installation, replacement, and repair of industrial and commercial roller doors in Adelaide. We offer an effective security solution for all types of industrial premises, from new industrial units to factory extensions or refurbishments.

Manufacturing & Repairing Industrial Roller Doors

The roller shutters provided by Adelaide Roller Door Repairs and Replacement are manufactured using the highest quality materials and precise controls to ensure long service life in normal industrial and commercial applications. The roller doors that we offer maximize the utilization of space within a structure, providing ease of access, security, and visual appeal. We have experienced engineers to help advise you on the best security solution for your business and provide the most reliable Industrial Roller Door repairs in Adelaide.

Our Services

Adelaide Roller Doors are your one stop shop for all things roller shutter & doors. We provide you with 24/7 callout service for immediate repairs, supply, installation and manufacture of roller shutters and doors. We pride ourselves on the quality of service you’ll receive when partnering with Adelaide Roller Doors, whereby you become our top priority until the job is finished to perfection. No matter the job size, our clients are all treated with the same top class service and professionalism that has seen us through over 25 years of maintaining, repairing and installing roller doors across Adelaide. 

Industrial Roller Shutters

Our high-grade, industrial commercial roller shutters seldom show any signs of slowing down. Adelaide Roller Door ensures that the latest and greatest in technological breakthroughs are implemented in manufacturing the products we sell. Regular blunt force, wear and tear and precipitation cannot weaken the structural integrity of our roller doors. Also, our roller doors are made in a unique modular fashion that ensures that the doors can be quickly repaired.


  • Sturdy and prevents intrusion thanks to the build thickness.
  • Low in maintenance cost as minor occurrences of breakdown occurs.
  • Premium security as it is not easy to break through an industrial steel roller shutter.
  • Can be automated. Unlike other types of industrial doors and shutters, roller shutters can be automated.


Industrial Roller Doors

Industrial roller doors are ideally suited for industrial buildings such as a warehouse, factory, manufacturing plant, commercial garages where the business owners want to improve security, accessibility, and ease of operation.


  • Roller doors are the perfect way to keep entrances and exits closed, which in turn makes it easier to keep heat, or cool air, inside your property
  • These doors are robust in-built and very strong so they are highly resistant to break-ins, intruders, and even accidental impacts
  • Roller doors open vertically which in turn helps to open up a larger amount of space in front of the door, and potentially makes loading and unloading much easier

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