9 Steps to Install a New Garage Door

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April 19, 2019

Installing a garage door is no rocket science. Generally speaking, if your garage door is more than twenty years old it is recommended to consider replacing it right away. Roller door installation in Adelaide comes for various rates. Adelaide Roller Doors, one of the most widely celebrated companies dealing in roller doors, offers competent installation at highly competent prices.

If you are set on installing a new garage door, you need to follow a string of basic steps.

STEP 1 – Release the Tension

Before starting to work on a garage door it is important first to release the tension in what is known as the torsion spring. Having done that, proceed to the spring winding cone. The spring winding cone is perforated. Insert a steel rod into one of the holes in order to gradually relax the setscrews. At the same time ensure that the winding cone is still in place.

STEP 2 – Detach the Existing Opener

Having done with the torsion spring, disconnect the current door opener. After that, start removing the door planes gradually. Always begin with the top panel. Additionally, it is important to exercise caution while dealing with glass. Then, disengage the track from the doorframe.

STEP 3 – Install the New Door Panels

Having done with the previous two steps, focus on installing the door panels. Most importantly, ensure that the bar firmly centred on the panel while installing. Also, in order to fix the panels symmetrically it is important to ensure whether groove of the upper panel rests on the ridge of the lower panel. Accordingly, repeat the process until all the panels have been fitted.

STEP 4 – Secure the Hinges

While working with the hinges it is especially recommended to follow the instructions on the manual. The manual is especially useful for ascertaining whether or not the brackets are being installed in the right tracks.

STEP 5 – Connect the Spring Assembly to the Track

Once again check the instruction manual to ensure the assembly is being installed correctly. Also, importantly, make sure that the same ceiling supports that were used with the old door.

STEP 6 – Bolt the Tracks

While bolting the tracks it is important to note that they should not be bolted tightly until and unless the door fits properly. Besides, it is equally important to focus on whether or not apt symmetry is achieved. Also, make sure that the bolt size is proper. If not, it might easily hinder the track.

STEP 7 – Start Installing the springs

While installing the strings it is especially critical to focus on the locking cone. Ideally, the locking cone should be properly secured as it holds the spring firmly in the event of high tension.

STEP 8 – Connect the Cables

The penultimate step is to attach the cables properly. Ideally, it is recommended to attach a couple of locking pliers on the outside bracket in order to prevent the rod from turning.

STEP 9 – Tighten the springs

The last step is to tighten the springs. In this case, check the manual to see how many turns are needed to tighten the spring. Tighten the bolts in the anchor only when the tension is optimal.

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