Brief Information on the Cost of Installing a Roller Shutter

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January 3, 2019

Roller shutters provide extra measures of protection. They offer complete security from intruders when you are not at home. Apart from this, they even protect the home from rain and storm, and even blocks harsh rays of the sun too. The modern roller shutters come in different colours and they are easy to operate too. With so many advantages falling in line, you may want to know industrial roller shutter doors prices in Adelaide. Here is a guide to help you understand about roller shutters and their approximate prices:

The roller doors can cost you depending on their quality and size of the construction. The steel roller doors are much heavier and secure in every way. Apart from these robust roller doors, there are smaller manual roller shutters which might come at a lower range. These doors may even have larger electric powered versions but again that might be of a higher value.

So, when we speak of industrial roller shutter doors prices in Adelaide, the first thing that may hold you back from purchasing these items is their price. When you have all the installation tools handy, then all you need to worry about is purchasing the item and the installation procedure could be carried out easily with just a little manual assistance. You will get all the instructions, measurements and other related information from the manufacturer who would guide you along the entire installation process. This would help in eliminating all guesswork, ensuring the measurements are right and carrying out the job successfully.

There are basically three types of roller doors available in the market:

  • Manual roller doors
  • Electric roller doors
  • Battery roller doors

When you choose electric roller doors, you will need to hire an electrician too who will assist you in installing the wiring and electrical parts. Next, the battery operated roller doors have long-lasting lithium-Ion batteries which can be operated from a control panel.

Roller door manufacturers state that there are a few things that will affect the cost of roller doors,

and some of them are:

  • The cost estimated by the manufacturer
  • The type of roller door you want to buy, that is, domestic, security and so on.
  • Which type of roller door you are looking to buy such as electric, battery, etc.
  • The size of the roller doors.

The manual roller doors are said to be less expensive when compared to regular shutters. You can choose between manual and battery operated roller shutters depending upon your budget and choice of doors. To add a tasteful look in the house, you can mix standard colours and create a customised look around. You can even ask for powder coated roller shutters in the colour of your choice against an extra fee. These roller shutters once installed will still work even during power outage.

Installation costs

If you fail to install roller shutters using the handy tools, then you can certainly have them installed for you. When you buy roller doors from a local manufacturing company, then you can ask for an installation quote. Once you have completed the roller shutter installation, you will notice that having installed just one roller door may cost you more than installing all roller shutters at the same time. This is why it is essential in having several installations at one go and saving unwanted expenses.

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