An In-Depth Guide to Roller Shutters

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December 18, 2018

If you have been looking for a touch of class, roller shutters are an excellent addition to your home. You can add them to the doorway or windows. They are a tasteful addition to your home or workshop. There are different types of shutters you will come across such as industrial roller doors and domestic roller doors.

Industrial roller doors

Industrial shutters are crafted from high-grade aluminum tracks which are extra wide, thicker and heavier than regular ones. Also, these doors extrude double wall profile which makes it robust in quality. These roller doors are installed with high-security wind lock clips and serve as the strongest out of all.

These doors offer a massive coverage in a single span. They roll into a small and pelmet box which gives it a neat finish when you roll them up to open. They have a high gloss, smooth powder coated finish which offers an attractive overall look.

Domestic roller doors

Domestic doors are installed to keep the house protected from bushfire. What really happens is when enough heat is radiated and magnified or when it causes the windows to explode, it leads to a fire breakout. Other times, there are strong winds which carry debris and shatters the windows which later leads to an unexpected fire breakout. In all such cases, you can cover the glass areas using the bushfire roller door and reduce potential dangers from fire breakouts.

So, if you are looking for an effective yet attractive form of home security, then install roller shutters at the doorway or at the windows today. You can choose between a wide variety of shutters, be it an electrical or manual one.

Electric roller shutters

Electric roller shutters are installed with small motors which open and closes the roller doors at the push of a button. These motors are wired to the electricity supply or at times they are hooked with solar power for making it more energy efficient. These doors are operated using a remote control or a panel which is mounted inside the home. These electrical doors are more expensive and time-consuming to install mainly because there are too many moving parts fitted into it and they need to be set up correctly to function smoothly.

Manual roller shutters

Manual roller doors are way different and they can be assessed easily using a crank. These doors are extremely cost-effective and they do not take much time to install. These shutters can be fitted to both doors and windows without any doubt. The crank is located on the inside of the door/window which can be assessed easily. The only thing with such doors are that you will have to open/close each of them individually which could be time-consuming. This type of manual roller shutters are made from quality materials, they are sturdy and reliable; they can withstand rain or storm easily. Experts state that these doors require low maintenance when compared to electric roller shutters.

Hence, if you are looking for industrial roller doors and domestic roller doors for your home or office, then get in touch with a reputable roller shutter manufacturer immediately.

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