A Few Simple Steps to Clean Roller Shutter Doors

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December 12, 2018

You must have recently installed a roller shutter at the doorway of your home. Roller shutter doors manufacturers believe that these roller doors are a perfect addition to windows and doors of your home or workshop. They offer a plethora of advantages and help keep your family safe and comfortable. These shutters require very low maintenance and so one need not have to spend a lot of money after them. However, to help keep these roller doors in perfect working condition, you have to ensure that all its parts are functioning smooth and impeccably.

The roller door installation experts have put together some simple steps and excellent tips on how to keep roller doors in perfect working condition at all times:

The very first thing is if you want the doors to always work at their best and remain at optimum efficiency, then it is highly important on your part to give it a proper cleaning at least twice a year. To perform the cleaning action, you will need the following things:

  • A mild detergent which you use regularly at home
  • A soft piece of cloth
  • A soft bristled brush
  • Clean water
  • A spray bottle

Here are a few steps to clean the roller shutters:

Firstly, prepare a solution of detergent and water and soak a piece of cloth into it. Now, squeeze out the remaining water and give the roller door a gentle wipe down. This will help to remove all abrasive grime particles and loosen tough built up pollutants in between the shutter slats.

Secondly, fill in some clean detergent and water solution into the spray bottle. Now, spray this solution along each line of the slat and use the brush to scrape off the grime gently. Repeat the same procedure in an up and down motion too. While carrying out the cleaning procedure, ensure the slats are cleaned carefully without misaligning the slats, so as to prevent operating issues later.

Thirdly, rinse the roller doors with clean water and wipe dry using a soft and dry cloth. Follow the cleaning procedure in a gentle up and down motion.

Fourthly, remember to clean between the guides. To carry out this procedure, you will need a soft-bristled brush using which you will have to sweep all dirt and particles from the inside guide. Another step is to clean it under gentle running water. Lastly, allow the guides to completely dry.

The aforementioned tips are common and you need to follow them strictly in order to keep the roller doors in the best condition at all times. While purchasing roller shutters make sure to check the roller shutter doors manufacturers websites to find out in detail the care and maintenance tips. However, if you still do not want to go ahead with the cleaning process yourself, then just hire a professional for this job.

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