Handy Tips On Maintaining A Roller Door

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November 4, 2018

Roller doors and shutters are essential parts for every household as well as the commercial and industrial area. In fact, they are required to be used several times per day in all seasons. No matter whether it is the roller door of your commercial place or your home, you need to keep it operating so that it can perform smoothly for decades to come. For this purpose, it is essential to take some preventive measurements and maintenance. Mentioned below are essential tips on roller door maintenance in Adelaide:

  • Observe the Roller Door

One of the major precautionary steps you need to follow is to observe the roller door every time you use it. Try to find out whether it is working smoothly or jerky in some places. Along with its performance, it is required to check whether it makes any scraping or grinding noises and both sides of the door including pulleys, springs, and cables look symmetrical.

  • Examine the Roller Door Balance

When the roller door or shutter is not rightly balanced, the user has to work harder. When you have installed a manual roller door, you can check the balance by pulling the release handle and manually moving the door about the halfway up. If you find the door not remaining correctly, then you need to understand that the counterweight system is not in balance. Then, you should contact the professionals such as Adelaide Roller Door Repairs and Replacement who can adjust the roller door spring in the right alignment.

  • Lubricate the Moving Parts

Lubricating your roller door parts ensures years of seamless operation to your system. The great thing is that you don’t need more than 10 minutes a year to grease up the roller door parts. Usually, it is advisable to use a spray lubricant to coat the overhead springs and white lithium grease on the opener’s chain. These things are available from any roller doors and shutters specialist.

  • Inspect and Replace the Roller Parts

Whether it is your industrial roller shutter or the garage of your home, its rollers play a crucial part in the operation. The rollers, whether nylon or steel, should be inspected at least twice a year. Moreover, they should be replaced every seven years, if you use it averagely.

  • Tighten up the Hardware

Surveys say that an average commercial roller shutter moves up and down around a thousand times a year, which becomes almost double for residential garage doors. Due to excessive vibration and movement, the hardware can be loosened. That’s why it is better to examine the roller brackets and bolts and tighten them with a socket wrench after a while.

  • Check the Cables

Since the high-tension cables have enough force to injure and kill anyone, it is recommended not to tinker with them. However, you should check them occasionally to find out when you should call a professional to replace them. An expert for roller door maintenance in Adelaide can examine the cables for broken strands and damages in the bottom roller bracket.

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