Automated Roller Doors Vs. Manual Roller Doors

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October 23, 2018

Unlike other types of industrial shutters and doors, industrial roller shutters and doors are available in an automated version. Since these doors are manufactured using advanced level technology, they offer a lot of advantages. There is no denying that automated industrial roller doors are considered much better than manual roller doors. Unless one has certain reasons to choose a manual option, it is advisable to go for the automatic roller doors.

  • Installation

Although some people consider the installation of automated roller door difficult enough, you need to remember the fact that installation only occurs once. Most importantly, the installation of automated roller doors should be left to the professionals. Hence, whether you are installing the door for the first time or converting a manual door into an automated one, you should contact a professional installation company such as Adelaide Roller Door Repairs and Replacement, which is a one-stop solution for all industrial and commercial shutters and doors manufacturer. Their professionals will take a little of your time and money to install the automated roller doors smoothly and efficiently.

However, it is always advisable not to install automated roller doors by yourself. Even if you decide to go for manual roller doors for your industrial space, you should make sure that you have enough time in your hand. After all, what is a quick job for the professionals will take several hours of work for amateurs. Moreover, the sheer size of an industrial space makes the installation task tricky.

  • Maintenance

Compared to manual roller doors, automated roller doors need slightly more maintenance. However, since these automated doors are made of sturdy materials, they may not be much of a burden. Moreover, the techniques applied to these doors often vary. Hence, it is essential to inquire about maintenance before installing the automated roller doors.

Automatic roller doors are highly resistant to most weather elements as well as water damage. However, some non-water chemicals within rain cause a little corrosion damage to the metals of this roller door. However, with proper care and occasional maintenance, you can avoid this problem. The best thing you can do is check the manufacturer’s instructions while buying the automated roller door. One thing you need to remember that no matter whether you are choosing a manual or automated roller door for an industrial or commercial place, you need to keep it well lubricated to increase its working life.

  • Control

One of the major reasons for choosing an automatic roller door is remote control. By installing this roller door, you can enjoy the facility of opening or closing the commercial space with the remote control. Thankfully, these industrial roller doors also have additional manual locking and unlocking mechanism. Perhaps, you may not need to use this mechanism, but it is required for maintenance and safety purposes.

  • Aesthetics

Surprisingly, when it comes to discussing the aesthetics of automated and manual roller doors, this is somewhere you can find out the equation. Both automated and manual roller doors look alike. Although automated roller doors are manufactured using the latest technology, they don’t need to choose a modern look to remain up-to-date.

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