How To Solve the Biggest Problems With Industrial Roller Doors?

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August 28, 2018

Industrial roller doors are one of the most cost-effective and secure ways of protecting your business premises from unwanted visitors, the environment, and the weather. An industrial roller door is important to almost any business that requires reliable, secure, easy access to its premises, regardless of its size. Keeping overhead costs to a minimum can be a major contributor to the success of any business. A good quality roller door can provide increased usability, security, and functionality. But unfortunately, it can also pose a safety risk to you and your employees if you don’t spend on timely roller door maintenance in Adelaide.

Given their large size, increased speed, and powerful mechanisms, industrial roller doors can cause serious injury and even death if not maintained properly. Therefore, it is needless to say that the proper usage and maintenance of industrial garage doors can keep you and your employees safe. Adelaide Roller Doors and Replacement is one of the premium roller shutter and door manufacturer in Adelaide, who offer highest quality industrial roller door solution. Often clients complain about the loud noises that roller doors cause when they are opened or closed. Entrepreneurs and individuals often look for a quiet roller shutter for their home, business or organization, especially when loud noises affect the activity on site, such as a busy office or hospital for example.

What causes that loud noise when your roller door is operated?

Roller shutters can be noisy while being opened or closed and they can become noisier as they age due to the fact they require some maintenance and upkeep to run efficiently. Often owners fail to maintain roller doors efficiently which result in the loud and unbearable noise as motor parts require lubrication in order to work properly. Lubrication not only repairs the noise, but it also makes the motor work more efficiently. Rollers doors can also get noisy when some internal parts are loose or not in a proper location or corroded.

You need to remember that roller doors are constructed from roll-formed steel slats which roll onto each other as the door opens or shuts. This produces a lot of metallic noise. Even the guides are typically bare metal, and the curtain sliding down in them produces a loud screeching noise, the noise can also be caused by vibration of metal against the metal of the roller door parts or loose rails.

Larger doors often expand when they receive direct heat, which causes binding and additional friction as the door operates and this often translates to loud screeching as the door opens.

How to lessen the noise that roller doors make while you operate the doors?

  • You can fit intermediate slats with a nylon slat clips which will help to keep the metal slat away from the guide and reduce noise. Check for any that are broken or missing and replace them to reduce noise and free up the operation of your door


  • Make sure that your guides are not damaged. Even a small dent in the guide can create a pinch point for the door travel, adding load and noise.


  • Some roller doors respond to some lubrication of the guides to reduce the metal to metal wear and tear and noise. It is recommended that you check with a reliable roller shutter service provider like Adelaide Roller Doors and Replacement on this one, before applying.


  • Get the spring tension checked on the door by a qualified and reliable technician when you opt for roller door maintenance in Adelaide. An under-tensioned or out of balance door will operate under substantial load and generate noise from the guides and motor. It is also dangerous to operate and can cause accidents.


  • It is wise to always check for damaged slats as damaged slats can cause more noise. Sometimes the door may have been hit and bent in the past and has not been properly straightened out, which may cause additional friction and noise. The slats can be easily replaced, which will add new life to an old door.


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