All You Need To Know About Industrial Roller Shutters

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August 21, 2018

There are numerous advantages for which more and more people are choosing highly efficient roller shutters to serve their premises instead of more traditional options. Industrial roller shutters are not only convenient and classy to look at but also offer a lot of practical advantages. There are three primary attributes that make industrial roller shutter the best choice for warehouses and industrial premises across the nation; they are speed, seal, and resilience. These three qualities make industrial roller shutters perfect for high traffic doorways that need to consistently keep a tight seal when segmenting the warehouse or any industrial premises.

How to choose the perfect industrial roller shutters?

One of the most important things that you need to consider when choosing an industrial roller shutter is to note the maximum size necessary for the entrance or the doorway. A roller shutter larger than your required maximum size creates a waste of energy in lifting it. Once you have decided your shutter size, you can now compare the benefits that each type of shutter has to offer. While some shutter may require a much higher initial investment but their reliability and quality may save you money in the long run, don’t forget to consider warranties and the environments you are subjecting the shutters to.

Choosing the wrong roller shutter can be an expensive mistake because for a high traffic zone you will face increased maintenance costs because of wear, fatigue, and stretching of the metal parts. The slow speeds associated with the heavier duty door can be a problem as well. You need to make sure your selection matches all your criteria, including your costs.

Other Considerations

Insulation: If you are installing the roller shutter between two temperature zones it will help you keep the space insulated and will also save on your temperature control efforts.

Reliability: When buying roller shutters one of the most important thought that crosses every buyer’s mind is whether the shutter will be able to stand up to the impact or if it is robust enough to stand regular wear and tear. So, you need to make sure that the shutter is robust and reliable.

Speed: Each and every roller door and shutter by Adelaide Roller Doors are obviously built with speed in mind, so it is crucial that your door is quick. Although it is important to note that speed is irrelevant if your shutter breaks down easily or has a loose seal.

Seal: Make sure that the industrial roller shutters have a tight seal so that when it is closed there is minimal air flow between the two segregated zones.

Some Of The Benefits That Roller Shutters Offer

Temperature Control- Installing a high-speed industrial roller shutter will protect your business from temperature changes much more effectively than traditional doors. The food industry will particularly benefit from high-speed roller doors as they need to keep the products cool or insulated. A high-speed door can greatly reduce heat loss, so it is good for keeping your staff warm as well as your products.


Roller shutters can also offer effective security from harsh weather conditions, burglars, or thieves and reduce any threat to your staff and put up a protective barrier in front of your business. These doors can also quickly prevent flies, dirt and even bigger pests such as rodents from sneaking into your business premises.

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